Saturday, March 26, 2011

Win Your Kid a Day with the Cup!

Every hockey player’s dream is to hoist the Stanley Cup.  It’s what you play for in pickup as children, what you doodle in class, and what you make replicas of while you cheer on your favorite team.

For the first time ever, Discover is offering a chance for one player aged 13 or younger to spend a day with the Stanley Cup. Yes, the real Stanley Cup.  The NHL has never done anything like this before, allowed exclusive access to youth hockey players.

Here’s how to enter: send in a short video of your child’s most memorable hockey moment to before April 13th.  Between April 15 and April 21, the videos will be online for viewing and rating by fans.  The three videos receiving the highest number of votes will be the finalists, and those videos will be submitted to a panel of judges who will decide the winner.  The judges will decide the winner based on enthusiasm, appropriateness of theme, originality, creativity, and sincerity.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Neuvirth Epitome of Problem with Head Injuries

Hits to the head have been a hot topic in both the NHL and NFL for some time now.  Everyone has seen the research and potential effects.  NFLer, for example, have an average life expectancy of just 55 years old (and 52 for linemen).  The problem isn’t that life-or-death for most NHLers yet, but new studies are coming out implying fighters have the same kind of brain damage as NFL linemen.

The problem in both sports isn’t a judicial one.  Rules don’t necessarily need to be changed or suspensions handed down.  It needs to begin and end with respect, and it has to begin and end with the players themselves.  Part of the problem was evidenced tonight with Washington Capitals goaltender Michal Neuvirth.

Early in the first period in the Caps game against the Lightning, Neuvirth took a puck to the facemask.  The force of the puck sent his mask flying, and Neuvirth needed to go to his backup.  He continued playing like everything was fine.

However, when the second period began, we didn’t see Michal Neuvirth between the pipes.  Instead we saw AHL call-up Braden Holtby.  When VERSUS asked Bruce Boudreau during the second period whether or not Neuvirth’s absence had to do with the shot he took to the head, Boudreau had a one-word answer, “Yes.”

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cornell Women take Second-Straight ECAC Title

Photo by: Robyn Wishna/the Ithaca Journal

The Cornell women captured the ECAC Championship on Saturday with a 3-0 shutout victory over Dartmouth.  Dartmouth had been the only team to beat the Big Red in ECAC play this season, but this time Cornell played a grinding game and gave up zero opportunities, ensuring their second straight title.

“They didn’t make many mistakes,” said senior Dartmouth defenseman Katie Horner. “We’ve been the kind of team that capitalizes on another team’s mistakes.  When you play a team like that, that doesn’t mess up often, there isn’t too much you can capitalize on.”

Dartmouth’s win over Cornell came with a lot of help from their power play, but Cornell had clearly been studying tape as they shut down all six extra-man advantages.  Cornell scored a goal in each period, with the first two coming from tournament MVP Chelsea Karpenko.  Hayley Hughes scored the lone goal in the third period.