Thursday, January 10, 2013

Bryce Harper Really REALLY Wants the Cover

A preview of what the cover will
look like with Harper.
In case you haven't heard, Bryce Harper is up for the cover of the video game MLB Th Show 2013.  There is an open vote to see who gets the cover, and one way you can vote is through Twitter.

Remember, there was a time when Bryce Harper went off Twitter for fear of saying something actually interesting and therefore detrimental to his brand and career.  But he is back on social media and making a strong push for his candidacy for the cover.

Harper has been campaigning hard.  Nearly every tweet he has sent since it was announced January 6 contains the hashtag "mlb13harper," which is what fans can use to vote for Harper to make the cover.  How bad does he want it, exactly? He's tweeted the hashtag 145 times in three days. Yeah, 145 times.

Here are some of examples:

 @Bharper3407: Are we trending yet!? Let's get it all day! #mlb13harper
@Bharper3407: I'm probably really annoying right now, but that's okay! I won't tweet for a while after this is over!hah #mlb13harper
@Bharper3407: It's so easy to click the RETWEET! #mlb13harper 
@Bharper3407: Ill sleep when I die! #mlb13harper 

It's not just the numbers that are impressive.  Harper has been getting creative.  He's been prosing giveaways to those who help join the effort:

@Bharper3407: Signed ball for a fan in the next 30 mins! Get it! As many retweets as we can! #mlb13harper
@Bharper3407:  Who wants the first ever signed dont be a clown shirt? Get me to a couple 1,000 retweets on this and you'll get it! #mlb13harper #trend
@Bharper3407: If I win this I will personally deliver the 2 ps3's and the 2 games to each person and sign both! Let's go! #mlb13harper 
Be sure to follow the rest of the saga on Harper's twitter. It's getting pretty entertaining.

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